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Help with literacy skills


Here are a number of ways that parents can help children to develop their language.

They can:
  • encourage children to express themselves by showing an interest in what they have to say
  • encourage them to listen attentively to others
  • help them to learn new words by explaining meanings of words of interest that are heard or seen
  • take them on visits to friends, relatives; to other districts, towns, cities; to places of interest such as museums, zoos, concerts
  • encourage them to read, and talk to them about what they have read
  • read stories to them
  • show an interest in their homework
  • get to know their teachers
  • encourage them to be selective in their choice of listening (radio, CD, internet) and viewing (television, DVD, internet) programs
  • provide opportunities for letter writing and e-mailing to pen-pals, relations and friends
  • let them see that you value reading and writing by reading and writing yourself.