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Help with science


The scope of science is obviously far wider than the classroom. Many of the experiences students have at home will contribute towards their learning in science. Students will often be encouraged to follow up science activities at home.

There are a number of ways you can help even if you know very little about science. You can:

  • talk with your children and encourage their natural curiosity and interest in things around them;
  • encourage your children to ask questions such as 'What would happen if ... ? which they can investigate for themselves;
  • allow your children to keep pets, or set up aquariums and terrariums;
  • read school newsletters for science information and student workshops;
  • encourage your children to explore bushland and perhaps join a group such as scouts;
  • encourage you children to enter science competitions organised by our school;
  • involve your children in household activities such as cooking, gardening and working on the car;
  • visit the Queensland Museum and Sciencentre;
  • watch science documentaries on TV eg Why?, Background to Science;
  • locate science websites;
  • encourage your children to read science books and enter science contests; and
  • help provide everyday items (ice-cream containers, glass jars, shoeboxes and wood off-cuts) for science lessons at school.